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Custom Jewelry Design

All of our designs begin with an inspiration that is carefully sketched by hand. It takes dozens of renditions and many hours of design before the piece is completely planned out and ready to start it's journey from concept to creation.


We use the latest software to create an intricate 3D model of the piece with precise measurements. Features like the mane of a lion or facial features are digitally scupted in a method simlar to physically scuplting out of clay.

Once the piece is finalized, the file is transfererred to a Milling machine that carves out the wax with the exact desired measurements.


We manage every step of the process here in our studios giving us a level of control of the quality of metal and casting that few jewelry designers enjoy. After the casting is complete, we begin to hand finish the piece, polishing, oxidizing, sizing and setting the stones.

Your jewelry isn't complete until after it has been closely inspected by our master jeweler Hamik. Only pieces that meet his rigorous standards get affixed with our official ROYAL 925 stamp.



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